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Soda Fountain









Come visit the 1930's soda fountain inside Thomas Drugs in Cross Plains, TN to enjoy a variety of ice cream treats. Experience the historic charm of the past with one of our Classic Malts, Coke Floats, or Banana Splits. Thomas Drugstore and Soda Fountain, a historic site you will certainly want on your things to do list and places to see in Tennessee.


Coffee - .99¢

Tea - .99¢

Hot Chocolate - .99¢

Soft Drinks - .89¢ / $1.19

Lemonade - $1.59

Salty Lemonade - $1.59

Flavors: chocolate, vanilla, butter-pecan, cookies and cream, chocolate chip cookie dough, o'charleys caramel cream pie, strawberry, peach yogurt

Milkshakes - $2.99
(additional ingredients .30

Malts - $3.29

Ice Cream Soda - $2.99


Brownie Ala Mode - $3.39

Coke Float - $1.99 / $2.49


Banana Split - $3.39

Two Scoop Ice Cream - $1.99

One Scoop Ice Cream - $1.59

Sundae - $2.99

Egg Cream - $1.99

Phosphate - $1.19

Banana Shake - $3.29

Peach Shake - $3.29

Hobo Float - FREE



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